Award Winning AI Running Coach

For runners of all abilities and goals, TrainAsONE allows you to train on your terms, guiding you every step of the way to help you achieve amazing results.

TrainAsONE is different to any other training system on the market. It provides personal coaching based on your health, fitness level, time available to train, and goals. The system ensures that you are always training at your most optimum and safe level by analysing your phone and wearable device data from each and every session.

flexible & adaptable

TrainAsONE enables you to train on your terms, adapting to your personal schedule. It fits around your lifestyle, allowing you to choose and change the days you wish to train, set limits on training durations, or simply pause and re-commence – as frequently as you require. TrainAsONE will continuously calculate your optimum workouts and keep you on target to achieve your goals.


TrainAsONE revolutionises how people manage their health and fitness, enabling them to train in the most efficient, effective and safe manner possible. Deploying the latest research, data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to deliver an anticipatory health and fitness system. Providing an unparalleled user experience, empowering end-users to achieve their aspirations and actively manage their health.

for everyone

Whether you’re a couch potato with a desire to start running or a seasoned athlete yearning to improve, TrainAsONE is for you. It caters for people of all abilities and goals, from zero to ultra-marathons.

It doesn’t stop there. Many of our users use TrainAsONE to improve their performance in other sports, for example triathlon, football (soccer), boxing and martial arts to name but a few. We even cater for ultimate frisbee!

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We get results

We’ve worked hard to ensure that all types of runners, from complete beginners to world-class athletes, can get amazing results from our training system. Analysing 5 million kilometres of running to perfect our training algorithms. Our success can be measured with our catalogue of personal bests and podium finishes by our many happy users.


* This result was during our alpha trial of 15 amateur runners who logged over 50,000 training kilometres. Whilst not carried out to the rigour of a clinical trial, the published science would have expected between 30 to 180 Running Related Injuries during that time.

injury management

At TrainAsONE we pride ourselves on smart training to reduce the risk of injury. For the minority that are unfortunate to suffer an injury (commonly the reason they join us in the first place), we have a unique injury management feature to collect information regarding the situation, and guide them back to full fitness. We have numerous and amazing success stories of injury abatement and resolution.


Not only does the system analyse your runs taking into account the weather conditions and terrain, but your upcoming runs are adjusted according to your local conditions and predicted route and time of run. So if you’re running in the heat of the day, have no fear, TrainAsONE will adjust your workout to keep you training most efficiently.

We understand the problems

Runners that suffer an injury (most commonly from incorrect/over training)

Runners who suffer an injury every year

Marathon runners that don't achieve their target times

Runners that cite poor training or strategy for their failures

And we’ve fixed them.

Are you ready to take your training to the next level?