Introducing the world’s first anticipatory health and fitness system that uses artificial intelligence to get anyone fit and healthy in the most efficient, effective and safe manner possible.
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Traditional training programs only provide a limited number of “one size fits none” plans. We’re different. We create individual plans based on your actual health, fitness, training commitments and goals. Our algorithms ensure you are always exercising at your optimum level by continuously analysing phone and wearable device data.


If your personalised training plan is interrupted or your circumstances change, our system automatically adjusts to keep you on target to achieve your goals. Our technology is already proven with a catalogue of personal bests for existing amateur runners and reliably predicts individual race completion times to within 2%.


Sometimes training isn’t about setting record times. TrainAsONE is working on creating training plans to lose weight, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve blood glucose control or simply reduce morbidity risk. We’re not just about running for running’s sake.

train smarter

Whether you’re a couch potato with a desire to start running or a seasoned athlete yearning to improve, TrainAsONE is for you.

TrainAsONE is your very own personal trainer that assesses your fitness and monitors every step of your training, continually calculating and adjusting your unique personal training plan in order to achieve your desired goal.

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We get results

Over the last few years we’ve been working hard to ensure that all types of runners, from complete beginners to regular marathon runners, can get amazing results from our training system. We’ve worked with amateur runners who have covered a combined total of 150 million kilometres in the pursuit of perfecting our training algorithms.


* This result was during our alpha trial of 15 amateur runners who logged over 50,000 training kilometres. Whilst not carried out to the rigour of a clinical trial, the published science would have expected between 30 to 180 Running Related Injuries during that time.

get results

Not only do we have a catalogue of personal bests and testimonies from happy runners, but we also have numerous cases of injury abatement and resolution. So forget the generalised stock training plans and the ubiquitous jogger loggers that simply tell you what you have done. Join TrainAsONE – the first anticipatory training app that adapts to you.

Join the revolution

We understand the problems

Marathon runners that don't achieve their target times

Runners that suffer an injury (most commonly from incorrect/over training)

Runners that cite poor training or strategy for their failures

Runners who suffer an injury every year

And we’re going to fix them.

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