Running with a Garmin watch and TrainAsONE

TrainAsONE app on Garmin 735XT

At TrainAsONE we’re always working hard to provide the best adaptive training plans to maximise your running performance while virtually eliminating injury risk.

We have a system which can produce an ideal plan which adjusts to your running needs, and Garmin have a range of running watches which can not only record your running, but guide you through each stage of a structured running workout by pace, or optionally heart rate.

It sounds like an ideal combination, and we’re now happy to confirm we’ve fully integrated Garmin support into TrainAsONE to make your training as easy and convenient as possible.

If you have a Garmin Forerunner 645, 735XT, 935, fēnix 5 or tactix Charlie you can use the Garmin TrainAsONE app to download your next workout direct to your watch, and it can then guide you through the steps of your workout by pace or heart rate range.

Anything from a Forerunner 220 or fēnix 3 can have the same guidance during workouts by copying the workout file via a computer before each run.

No matter what Garmin watch you have you can link your Garmin account direct to TrainAsONE so every run you complete is automatically collected and analysed, updating your plan and keeping you on track – just select ‘Add Activities’ -> ‘Connect to Garmin’ from your Activities page.

You can also link your Strava or other running app to TrainAsONE, providing a backup way to run if for any unlikely reason you find yourself without a Garmin.

If you’re not already using TrainAsONE, why not sign up for free today?