The Team

Sean Radford

Founder & CEO

David Brownlee


Tom Brophy

Lead Developer

Sheldon Gold

Creative Director

Our founder Sean Radford is a medical doctor, an international multi-day mountain marathon podium finisher and an IT expert – he designed the first internet- enabled primary care system for UK GP’s. Additionally he has worked on many varied health & social wellbeing projects for numerous organisations, including charities such as The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

David Brownlee, our operations lead, built into the biggest independent racing website, has architected ticketing systems and ran operations for DreamWorks Feature Animations.

Tom Brophy is our database and concurrency expert and an awesome JVM developer having worked for some of the largest corporations and startups.

Sheldon Gold is responsible for branding and all things creative. Sheldon likes to keep calm and worry over the UX. He has a wealth of experience from agencies to startups.