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Can TrainAsONE automatically schedule the most appropriate number of training days each week for me?

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This is achieved by setting the ‘Target days per week’ option of your Training Settings to 7. However, there are caveats or reasons why that this may not be best for you.

The ‘Target days per week’ option of the TrainAsONE Training Settings.

As the name implies this option instructs TrainAsONE to scheduled at most 7 days of running per week (i.e. a run every day). As such, if the system determines that running only 6 (or less) days would be more appropriate and beneficial for you and your training it is permitted to do so.

However, the 7 vs fewer days is often not always a simple decision and additionally some people will have their own views. For example, one person might prefer to always keep 7 days even if that means one run is only a 10 minute easy workout, whereas another might prefer to drop a run in this situation.

Presently TrainAsONE caters for this in a simple manner. There is threshold in plan benefit that triggers the drop in number of runs. And, following user feedback, this threshold is set in favour of trying to keep to the set target number of runs per week. From what has been said previously, it can be seen that this situation is not ideal, and we will be addressing this as part of our future work on ‘plan variations and their projected outcomes’ (the ability to show different plans along with projected pros and cons of each for a user to make an informed decision on their preference).

A common recommendation of ours would be to set your Training Settings to 7 days. And if you find that the system schedules a very short run one day that you feel is too short, maybe mark that day as a non running day in the Calendar to trigger a new plan build with only 6 runs for that week. Please see the ‘How do I tell TrainAsONE that I cannot run on a specific day?‘ FAQ for assistance on how to set a day to a ‘non running day’.

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