Feb 27

I’ve done an off-plan run but still want to do my normal number of scheduled workouts for the week. What do I do?

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Completed a sneaky off-plan run, but don’t want it to count towards your normal number of workouts for the week? No problem, you can mark the run as being ignored for the target run count constraints (as set in your Training Settings).

1. From either your Calendar or Activity list, select the your off-plan run and then click the Edit button on the pop-up dialog.

The Activity summary pop-up dialog.

2. Locate the ‘Ignore in weekly run count’ field and ensure that it is set to ‘Ignore’.

Set the ‘Ignore in weekly run count’ field to Ignore

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save button found on the right hand side.

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Dr. Sean Radford, the Founder & CEO of TrainAsONE, is a medical doctor, IT expert, coach and podium finisher in international endurance events. He has dedicated more than 20 years to the research of health, fitness and social well-being of the general population. He has been developing Artificially Intelligent (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools to help tackle some of the world’s leading health issues. Dr Radford is a Tech Ambassador for the UK, considered a leading expert in his field, and is a regular speaker at key events, as well as an author of numerous research publications.