Jul 21

My plan has just changed, but I preferred my old one. Can I revert it

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TrainAsONE continually adjusts your plan to a mix of workouts that are calculated to be the most beneficial for you (given your goals and constraints). However, sometimes a sudden change in your next workout may not be desirable. For instance, you may have organised your day around a long run tomorrow and then having it move to a few days later is problematic. Or you may have psychologically prepared yourself for that hard assessment and having it change to an interval run might be a little ‘disappointing’. When this happens, you have the option of reverting your plan back to a previous version. This can be done using the ‘Recent Plans’ button on your calendar screen. Activating this button will allow you to view a selection of recent plan versions along with the ability to switch back to one you prefer. Furthermore, you can also lock a plan for up to 7 days, meaning the system will not swap it to an alternative for at least that duration.

It is our intention to refine this area of the system in the future with improved ways of comparing workouts and plans, along with predicted outcome measures.

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